Eagle’s Nest Hotel

Altai Expeditions own hotel, Eagle’s Nest, is located on the outskirts of the town of Ulgii, about twenty minutes by car from the airport. Easy to reach and within walking distance from the town’s center, Eagle’s Nest Hotel has an unrestricted view of the Altai Mountains.

The construction of Eagle’s Nest began in 2011 and opened for business in the summer of 2013. It consists of a two story brick/stucco building with a flat roof and an ample courtyard with outbuildings, in the style of the region. It was constructed to provide our clients with all essential comforts, in a tastefully designed and furnished modern building, while preserving the characteristic simplicity of a Kazakh home.

The furniture is all locally crafted, floors and walls are decorated with Kazakh rugs and embroidered felt carpets. The design team includes a New York based architect who was inspired by the local architecture, as well as the “mission” of Altai Expeditions to open up the hidden beauty of the Altai Mountains, thereby supporting the economic development of the local people.

Eagle’s Nest has ten double bedrooms, each with its own full bath with flush toilets, with comfortable single or double beds
On the ground floor there is a restaurant which serves both international and local food, as well as a fully stocked bar. The rest of the ground floor consists of a comfortable lounge where guests can meet, and a reception desk which will provide guests with all the services they require. The ground floor will also be used as an exhibition space of the fine embroidery produced by the women of the region in cooperation with the Altai Expeditions Organization.

Fully equipped for all modern forms of communication
Eagle’s Nest is fully equipped for all modern forms of communication, including full mobile phone accessibility, cable web access, PCs, printers, and scanners.
Eagle’s Nest also serves as headquarters for Altai Expeditions, as well as the point of departure and return for all tours. It is also used to train local people as guides, cooks, translators, drivers, and all other skills necessary to develop the region as a first class adventure travel destination, matching the region’s unspoiled beauty with the Kazakh tradition of unselfish hospitality.

Reasonable costs
The costs of Eagle’s Nest rooms and restaurant are kept at very reasonable levels to reflect the objective of combining basic modern comfort with simplicity. Costs are seasonally adjusted and included in the tour price.