Ger Camp

Ten authentic, traditionally furnished gers, provide accommodations for up to thirty guests

The Altai Expeditions Ger Camp, located about 2 km west of the Bayan-Ulgii airport and 8 km from the town of Ulgii, was established in 2009. It consists of ten traditionally furnished gers, with between two and three beds per ger, accommodating up to thirty guests. The cost of ger stay and meals are included in your tour price.

The camp also includes a beautiful, authentic Kazakh restaurant, housed in a specially built large ger. Our professional cook will prepare Western, Asian and traditional Mongolian and Kazakh hot and cold dishes such as “Besbarmak”, airag yogurt, yak cheese and hot milk. “Besbarmak” means “five fingers”, because the meal is typically eaten with the hands. It consists of a delicious stewed mutton, various sausages and vegetables, and homemade noodles sprinkled with parsley and onion.

For an authentic Besbarmak meal, a boiled sheep’s head is placed on the table in front of the most honored guest who cuts bits and parts from the head and offers them to the other guests at the table. (It is, of couse, also possible to ask the staff to leave the sheep’s head in the kitchen!)

The camp is fully equipped with modern facilities, warm and cold running water
The camp is fully equipped with modern bathroom facilities including flush toilets and comfortable showers with warm and cold running water fed by a solar 220w power system, and its own clean water deep drilled well. The camp has full mobile cell phone accessibility.

The Ger Camp also provides a regular program of live, traditional Kazakh music performances, a souvenir shop, and Kazakh embroidery exhibits.