Guest House

Welcome to the Altai Expeditions Guest House/Hostel. Located very close to the main square of Ulgii, it is in an older traditional type building, first constructed in 1960. It retains some very unique features from the Mongolian Socialist era, features which we aim to maintain. The building was originally a publically owned restaurant and hotel. In the early nineties the building was privatized and was used primarily for handicrafts. Recently, the building has been purchased and has reverted back to being a place of accommodation.

Room type Room Quantity Bed Quantity Winter Period
Dec, Jan, Feb, March
Spring and November
Apr, May, Nov
High Season
Jun, Jul, Aug, Sept
Dorm with 3 bunk beds 1 6 $5 $8 $10
3 bed room 2 6 $6 $9 $12
Private twin room 2 4 $9 $12 $15
Double bed 2 4 $12 $15 $18
Total 7 18

(*prices per bed)

Other facilities include, free shower, free kitchen, free security lockers, free Wifi. There is a laundry
service, $5 per wash load.