Our Team

Our team has 11 years experience in fulfilling our clients dreams and expectations. We provide the best and most experienced guides , drivers interpreters to take you on our group an tailor made tours. When in the country side we offer the best camping equipment and in Ulgii, we our offer guests first class hospitality and the modern comforts. Our guides and drivers all grew up in the Altai Mountains and have in- depth experience and know how about the region. Our drivers are experiences and have been especially trained in of-road driving . Our friendly and professional team welcomes you to explore the land of Western Mongolia and the Altai Mountains and meet the local nomadic people. Let’s make your holiday unforgetable.

Manager of Eagle Nest hotel -Saule

Saule -Manager of Eagle Nest hotel

Since 2002 she has worked as a Geography teacher at one of Ulgii’s public high schools. Because Mongolia’s tourist season is mainly during the summer, it is possible for teachers to use this time to earn extra money by working other jobs. During her summer vacations, Saule has managed the Eagle’s Nest Hotel (which has 22 beds) since it first opened in 2013.

Bagdaulet (Bahu) -General Manager

Mr.Bagdaulet has been working for the Altai Expeditions Team since 2009 as tour manager and tour guide. He grew up in the Mongolian countryside riding horses and herding cattle. He has been guiding all the type of tours which we organize in Western Mongolia. He was rewarded the title “The Best Guide of the Year” in 2016 by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism.

Habil (Haba) and Kadirbek (Kada) -Stockkeepers

Haba and Kada are the major people in operating all our expeditions. They manage the camping gear and travel equipment, which makes them the main direct contributors to our clients satisfaction. They are also responsible for the vehicles for expeditions and double check the reliability of all cars and parts prior to start.

Lina -Expert Tour Guide

Lina has been working as a tour guide and interpreter for 6 years. She is a wonderful guide and knowledgeable about her country as she grew up in the province of Bayan Ulgii and is enthusiastic about sharing her experience with visitors and has excellent English skills. She was trained as an English teacher at Khovd State University after which she obtained her Master’s degree in Arts at National University of Mongolia in 2015.

Daurenbek (Dagii) -Tour Guide

Daurenbek has a 7 years experience as guide and interpreter for both Russian and English speaking guest. As he grew up in the Altai Mountains in a nomadic family, he has in-depth knowledge of the area and its people. He has holds a position of high authority in the Western Mongolian Nomadic Union. He enjoys meeting people from all over the world and provides them with the best information about Mongolia.

Saken -Driver

Saken can be proud of having our clients with safe and expert driving for 12 years. You will amazed by his great geographical knowledge and how to find single spot in western Mongolian vast wild nature without using GPS. He has been awarded for many times with the title of a “Best driver” in 2015 by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism.

Tungat (Bohin) -Driver

Tungat has more than 10 years of professional experience in the Mongolian tourism. He can manage the net of country roads easily and deliver you at the destination safe and on time. He is excellent driver and as well as a skilled mechanic, able to take care of most mechanical problems, which may occur, even although we have reliable vehicles.

Tamara -Chef

Tamar is a first class cook, who has worked for our team for 5 years, who can prepare all types western style meals, but offers Mongolian dishes as a special experience. Many of our clients like the Mongolian dishes ”buuz’, ‘khuushuur’ and ‘tsuivan’ (wait till you taste them, they are delicious). She will also provide Vegetarian meals. “People are happy when their stomach is full” is the expression which our cooks keep in mind and they eager to serve various sets of delicious outdoor meal to our clients.

Altinbek -Driver

Altinbek grew up in the countryside as a herder. After graduating from high school he took a driving course and then for 5 years he was a bus driver’s assistant between Ulgii and UB. While working as an assistant he saved money in order to buy a Russian jeep. Soon after in 2016 he started working as a driver for Altai Expeditions. He has become a great mechanic, giving tourists peace of mind if something does happen on a journey. He is very friendly to all tourists. He is one of our youngest drivers.

Eltai -Camelman

After serving with the military for 3 years, he moved to the countryside because he couldn’t find employment in the provincial center. He raised 5 different kinds of animals (horses, cows, sheep, goats, camels). In 2008, he received an award for being an outstanding herdsman. During his time as a herdsman he has been known as someone that has great knowledge about animal husbandry. In order to pay his children’s school tuition, he saw the possibility of hiring out camels to local tour operators. Now he is the most important person in our company. It wouldn’t be possible to do trekking trips without him, because it is much more difficult to travel by camel than car. Everything needed for a 10-day trek (food, dishes, tents, gear) must be loaded up every morning and again unloaded in the evening. This is a very important responsibility.

Janargul -Chef

Janargul has worked with Altai Peaks ger camp since 2009, where she has worked with tourists from many countries. She specializes in Mongolian and Kazakh national foods. For breakfast, she bakes her own bread, which she serves with homemade goat cheese.

Makbal -Chef

She is one of the longest chefs who has worked with our company. Tourists have given her the nickname “Warrior”. She is one of the most experienced chefs for alpinists, trekkers and large groups. Because of her years of experience she has become very knowledgeable about water sources, mountains and weather patterns.

Baibolat -Eagle Hunter

He first started learning about eagle hunting by helping hunters in his area. He learned how to care for eagles and techniques of training them, as well. He’s been hunting for 6 years. During these 6 years he has earned the name Eagle Hunter. He has participated in many documentaries about eagle hunting. Because of these documentaries tourism has developed a lot in Mongolia.