Trip Info

If you have either booked your trip with us and have some questions or if you are looking for some more detailed information about the general details of our trips, please read our trip information contained within this page.

The cost for our main trips include English speaking guide, cooks, drivers,  camel and horse guides, all the camping  equipment, 3 meals a day with snacks, all the transportation, support camels, horse riding costs  if included in the itin , domestic round flight (UB-Ulgii-UB), 2 nights expenses for a hotel in UB, 1 night expenses for a hotel or Ger camp in Ulgii, and all the airport pick ups, guide in UB. National Park ticket and Border permission paper.

The cost of our main trips exclude: meals in UB, alcoholic drinks, laundry, any type of insurance, & anything not stated above as included (unless noted otherwise).

Team: English speaking guide, a cook, camp assistant, drivers, & camel guides while hiking.
Hiking and riding are supported by camels and camel guides to carry the camping equipment and luggage.

Camping equipment: We use 3 people tent for 2 clients and 2 people tent for 1 clients, high camp tent for Mt.Khuiten climbing trip, kitchen tent,  dining tents, portable loo and shower tents, double mattresses (pads), & camping table and chairs.

Our cooks are very experienced, and we serve vegetarian meals as well.  We use high quality world-renowned brand camping equipment.

Our guides are all from local area and very knowledgeable  with local culture and we do safe eco friendly trips.
It makes us much easier if you book your trip as early as possible.  This allows us to book domestic flights and our staff time in advance. It’s highly difficult and sometimes not possible to get tickets during the high season.

A detailed packing list is suggested for each of our trips in the trip information section. Please check the recommended packing list for the specific trip you are taking. Our suggested packing lists do not aim to be comprehensive or exhaustive; we know that every traveler has different needs. If you feel there is something else you should bring with you, please do so, and when in doubt contact us for a recommendation. You should pack everything in a soft bag or backpack rather than in a suitcase or trunk, which will make it easier to load into vehicles and the pack animals. The following general packing list gives recommendations on the type of equipment or clothing we have found most practical, based on our experience in Mongolia. You should bring most warm clothes!!!

These are a suggested packing list, which you should feel free to adjust to

  • suit your needs.
  • backpack or soft bag
  • sleeping bag (-5C)
  • waterproof bag cover
  • day pack
  • head lamp/flashlight
  • spare batteries/bulb
  • personal medications
  • towel
  • waterproof hiking boots
  • waterproof jacket with hood
  • waterproof over pants
  • fleece jacket or wool jumper
  • cotton t-shirts
  • long sleeve shirts
  • lightweight trousers
  • shorts
  • warm hat
  • long underwear
  • socks
  • underwear
  • sun hat
  • gloves
  • sandals
  • sun glasses
  • sun cream
  • spare glasses
  • spare hiking shoes
  • insect repellent
  • resealing (ziploc) plastic bags
  • water bottle
  • binoculars/camera
  • hiking stick
  • wet tissues
  • watch/ alarm clock
  • money belt/ pouch
  • insurance confirmation copy
  • emergency contact number

Please note that this page is not intended to cover every possible issue and need for all travelers.  However, we are providing this information to assist our guests and our travelers to prepare for a great trip with us. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you think your guide(s) did a great job, a tip of 5-10% is very much appreciated.