Jadra Coffee Shop

Jadra Coffee Shop

Coffee-drinking is a recent phenomenon amongst Mongolia’s rural people. However, many of the country’s urban people are drinking coffee nowadays.

Although Bayan-Ulgii province is remote from Ulaanbaatar, it is becoming a destination for many foreign delegates and international travellers, especially since it neighbours Russia to the north and China to the south.

Bayan-Ulgii possesses unparalleled natural landscapes, plus it is the country’s only Kazakh-majority province with Kazakhs comprising about 90% of the population, who are preserving their unique culture and traditions. For these reasons, this province uniquely stands out from the rest of the country, thus having the potential to attract much more domestic and foreign visitors.

From our research on the aforementioned, we have started operating a coffee shop with modern design and comfortable setting, using professional coffee machines to make high-quality coffee. It is one of the first coffee shops of Ulgii city and we have garnered acknowledgement from many for our quality service and tasty coffee.

We also offer locally-made Kazakh traditional handcrafts in our shop.