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Altai Expeditions

Authentic Experiences

Western Mongolia’s wild nature is perfect for any adventure travel lover. Some of the country’s most beautiful spots are located in this remote region. There are remarkable scenes of winding rivers flowing through lush green valleys and pristine lakes with backdrops of snow-capped mountains. The country’s highest peaks of the Altai Mountains are located here at the Tavan Bogd National Park. Mount Khuiten is the tallest, standing at 4,374 meters above sea level. Scattered throughout the vast countryside, nomadic families roam the grasslands with their large herds of livestock, preserving their steppe nomadic heritage.

Come and experience the traditional hospitality of Mongolian nomads. There are a few ethnic minority groups living in Western Mongolia, including the Kazakhs. Meet the Kazakh eagle hunters, who keep alive the ancient tradition of hunting with golden eagles.

We, Altai Expeditions, are local travel experts based in Western Mongolia with many years of experience, specializing in: mountain-climbing expeditions, hiking trips, horse treks, meetings with eagle hunters, visits to nomadic families, cultural tours, fishing trips, bird-watching, mountain-biking, and the Golden Eagle Festival tours.

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About Our “Achievable Solution” NGO

“Achievable Solution” NGO was founded on February 5th of 2015. Our nonprofit organization is dedicated to the betterment of our local communities.

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