7 days

Week-long Altai Tour with Hiking

Jeep tours

Authentic Experiences in Western Mongolia

  • Duration 7 days
  • Physical rating Easy
  • Group size 2-12 Pax


This is an active adventure trip in the great outdoors of Western Mongolia with a perfect blend of historical sites and cultural insights - all packed within a week!

Reach the country’s remote far west, to Bayan-Ulgii province, home of the Kazakhs. And also, home of one of the country’s most important national parks, the Tavan Bogd National Park. You will get plenty of exercise during these days as you hike out in pristine nature, breathing in fresh air. Climb to the top of one of the five highest peaks of Mongolia, part of the snow-capped Altai Mountains. See and explore the country’s longest glacier of Potanin. Come across pristine lakes, rivers and waterfalls, with backdrops of majestic mountains and blue skies. Spend five nights in tents under thousands of stars before your last night at our hotel with modern comforts.

Get a glimpse into the unique culture of Mongolia’s Kazakhs. Learn about their nomadic way of life and heritage. One of their interesting traditions is training golden eagles for the purpose of hunting wild animals. You can meet a Kazakh Eagle Hunter, share a local dish with a Kazakh family, and feel the traditional hospitality of nomads.

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Price Included
  • Stay at a tourist ‘ger’ camp near the provincial center
  • Russian UAZ van or jeep, plus fuel
  • All camping equipments
  • Cook
  • Local guide
  • All meals during the trip
  • NP entrance fees
  • Visit to a Kazakh Eagle Hunter family
  • Kazakh traditional dish ‘BESBARMAK’
Price Excluded
  • Domestic flights
  • Personal items, such as: sunscreen, toothpaste, soap, towel, toilet paper, etc.
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Sleeping bag


  • 1 overnight in local hotel or ger camp in Bayan-Ulgii 
  • 5 tented overnights

  • Day 1

    Arrival in western Mongolia

    Take a domestic flight to Ulgii, capital of Bayan-Ulgii province in far western Mongolia. Upon arriving at the airport, meet your local guide and driver. Then head towards the Oigor River, where the entrance of the Tavan Bogd National Park is located. On the way, see the petroglyphs of Tsagaan Salaa. This 15 km long site is a gallery of over 10,000 petroglyphs dating from the Neolithic Period and the Bronze Age. Many of the figures depict humans herding or hunting wild animals, showing the transition of ancient hunter-gatherers to livestock breeders and the beginning of the classic nomad era in Mongolia. In 2011, this site was approved along with a few others as part of the larger Petroglyph Complexes of the Mongolian Altai - World Heritage Site. Arrive at the NP’s ranger’s gate and set-up camp. Today’s driving is about 180 km.

  • Day 2

    Hike to basecamp at Tavan Bogd NP

    After breakfast, start the 18 km hike to basecamp located in the Altai Tavan Bogd National Park. This national park is named after the five tallest peaks of Mongolia, which are part of the Altai Mountain range, where four countries of Mongolia, Kazakhstan, China, and Russia converge. Tavan Bogd is translated as “Holy Five” - the snow-capped peaks with the tallest, Mount Khuiten, standing at 4,356 meters above sea level.

  • Day 3

    Leisure day

    Today we can explore the Potanin Glacier. This is Mongolia’s longest glacier, stretching for about 14 km. Just as many other glaciers around the world, the Potanin Glacier is gradually decreasing in size due to climate change. We can also see one of four columns that mark the four farthest edges of the Mongolian border. Some of our group members can choose to join the climb to the top of Malchin Peak (4,200 m), which is one of the lowest of the five peaks and the only one that does not require specialized mountain climbing equipment. 

  • Day 4

    Head to Khoton-Khurgan Lakes

    Return to the gate at Oigor River where the drivers with our cars will rendezvous with us. Then drive to Khoton and Khurgan Lakes. These two freshwater lakes are connected by a wide channel and surrounded by picturesque scenery. On the way, we will see Bronze Age deer stones and Turkic Period (6-8th century) burial sites. Today’s driving is about 180 km.

  • Day 5

    Baga Turgen Waterfall

    After breakfast, explore around the scenic lake area and capture memorable photos. In the afternoon, head to Baga Turgen Waterfall and camp near there. Baga Turgen Waterfall is made up of two falls, with a combined height of 36 meters. The bigger fall is 23 meters and the smaller fall is 13 meters. The river’s source is the glacial melts from the mountains. Today’s distance is 20 km.

  • Day 6

    Visit a Kazakh family before returning to Ulgii

    Get up early in the morning and head to Ulgii. On the way, visit a nomadic Kazakh family. Kazakhs are Mongolia’s largest ethnic minority group; they speak their own language and preserve their unique culture. One of their most interesting traditions is using golden eagles for the purpose of hunting wild animals. Meet a Kazakh Eagle Hunter and learn about this ancient practice. Enjoy lunch with the family before returning to Ulgii. Tonight, stay at our own-run hotel and take a refreshing shower. Today’s driving is about 180 km.

  • Day 7

    Fly to Ulaanbaatar

    Take a return flight to Ulaanbaatar.